Personal Musing: 6/19/12…

Purge…Purge! PURGE!

Hello, back again. Currently in the middle of fixing my iTunes library and reinstalling all my games atm. The purge and reinstall of my computer has gone pretty well, although it seems my iTunes library got effed up some how so I have to recopy them and make a new library. Its not so bad, the files are there, but for some reason, the “management” file got messed up or didn’t get backed up properly, which handles how the files go and where. Oh well. Today was pretty good, crazy fast though and I just haven’t gotten all that I wanted to get done today, but this computer deal is one major step. It feels snappy again and I’m not seeing any of the previous problems it had before. So yay! Now I just have to hope nothing got screwed up that I didn’t think about. Today was overall pretty good. I got my grades back for Spring term and I passed them all so I’m glad about that. I did better than I expected really. So yeah. That was my day :).

Tech and Gaming News:

This Zelda-loving Dad made his kid’s nursery Legend of Zelda themed. It is wickedly cool if I’m being honest, I wish I could do something like that, but for now, I am content with my posters that I have. Give the video a check out.

Flipboard is, surprisingly, going to get Google+ integration soon. With the exception of Google’s mobile apps, this is the first official app announcd that will get Google+ integrated. I have to wonder why. It is a curiosity for sure…Flipboard for me anyway has been solid so I’ll be glad to have G+ integrated.

Gmail now allows custom backgrounds. Took them long enough. I do on occasion use the official website and some of the themes are pretty good. Others, not so much so allowing choice here is great.

Week Calendar for iPhone/iPod Touch is getting version 5.0 very soon. You should check out this very awesome app, there are plenty of new features and the ridiculous amount of support this app has gotten (5 versions) for the low price of $1.99 makes it a very awesome buy. The features in this particular update I’m looking forward to is integration with Todo (Appigo), enhanced settings menu, and fullscreen when rotated to landscape. Its cool that this app is still getting updates after all this time without forcing any paid upgrades on me.

If your looking for some gaming wallpapers, give these a shot: I thought they were rather cool myself :).

Instagram Feature:

Hmm, no Instagrams I want to feature today, just not much was posted. Maybe next time!

Video Feature:

I think Rhett and Link did a very good job with this song, thus I think you should go listen to it. What are you still doing here, thinking?


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